"If you were like us."

If you were like us your first introduction to an adult beverage was probably in the form of lawnmower beer. Cheap, lite, cold and bubbly was a resonating theme from the time you took your first sip until your first real job. But once you got that job, you didn’t want to look like a poor college kid anymore. It was time for a grown up drink. The problem was you were clueless. If you were like us. 

And if you were like us, wine was scary. Wine was for rich people who spoke French. It was made in buildings that looked like museums located in places whose names you struggled to pronounce. But, there was something intriguing about it. Beer made you bloated and spirits made you shitfaced.  The happy medium was a glass of wine. Plus, it made you look smart, or at least that’s what you thought. If you were like us. 

But, if you were like us, finding the wine for you wasn’t easy.  What to drink? Mom and Dad drank Merlot, Aunt Betsy enjoyed a glass or three of Chardonnay and Nana savored every sip of her dear old White Zinfandel. None of these options worked for an upstart young gentleman ready to make his mark on the world and wow the ladies with sophistication and suave inebriation. If you were like us, that is. 

Then, if you were like us, you discovered Cabernet Sauvignon, the great grape of Bordeaux and the ingredient in the world’s most sought after, and expensive wines. Intrigued, you sought out a bottle or two and were immediately impressed by the wine’s power and composure. Cabernet was like James Bond in a bottle, and after you finished the bottle you may have believed for a second that you were, indeed, James Bond. If you were like us.  

That’s why, if you were like us, you were delighted to learn that great Cabernet also came from California. This meant you wouldn’t have to look like an idiot because it was still difficult for you to pronounce the names of the Bordeaux Chateaux.  On the bottles of Cabernet from California were macho Italian last names, or wild animals that leaped or screamed.  Bingo!  You found your go to wine. Such began your love affair with Cabernet. If you were like us, anyway. 

Like you, we are a couple of guys who love great Cabernet Sauvignon. In 2009, we started another wine label called 90+ Cellars which put us on an expedition to find great wines from around the world that we could sell for a price that would make you smile, high-five or hug. During our search we met some seriously talented winemakers and tasted our share of drop-dead, gorgeous wine. We put the two together and created Iron Side Cabernet Sauvignon, a blend of the best Cabernet from vineyards in Napa Valley, Sonoma, Paso Robles, Mendocino, Red Hills, Lodi and few other choice locations. 

Ironside embodies the qualities we know and love in a great bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon: powerful but charming and robust but elegant.  Whether fulfilling the role as cultured dinner companion or the spirited life of the party, this is a Cabernet you can count on to impress your guests and wow your pals. … that is, if you’re like us.