David currently serves as Manager and Chief Operations Officer of Yao Family Wines, and is also co-founder of Prospect Brands. Previously David has worked for several prominent organizations including (but not limited to) United Vintners Inglenook, Trombetta Distributing, and Safeway/Liquor Barn. He is responsible for the growth of Stonehedge Wines into a national brand, via fostering of a national distribution network. As a result of his extensive work experience, David possesses expertise in almost every area of the wine industry: production, brand and package development, sales, design, sourcing, and marketing. He also has a Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Economics and Marketing from the University of Iowa. His well-rounded Napa Valley experience - in everything from producing to marketing wine - make him the ideal choice of collaborator. 



Kevin is the President and Founder of Latitude Beverage and the brand 90+ Cellars. He has been in the wine and spirits industry since 2000, when he started with Phillips Beverage Company to build the company’s business on the East Coast. He helped launch UV Vodka into a brand that currently sells over 750,000 cases, and was ultimately promoted to Director of International Sales. Kevin subsequently resigned to start Latitude Beverage in 2007, and launched the 90+ Cellars brand in late 2009, and he's been bringing fine wine for less to wine lovers across the country ever since. Outside of the office, you can find Kevin boating in Boston Harbor, watching football and hockey, and spending time with his wife and two daughters. 

Julie works as consulting winemaker for various clients including Yao Family Wines, Les Belles Collines, and Trinite Estate. She previously worked as a winemaker for Dry Creek Vineyard, Flowers Vineyard and Winery, Sterling Vineyards, and Gallo of Sonoma. Julie has always had a passion for food and wine. She began her 14-year professional career as a chef after graduating from Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, NY), and worked at some of the top restaurants in the Bay Area. Eventually Julie decided to take her passion for wine to the next level and returned to school to obtain a Masters degree in 2003 in Enology from the University of California, Davis. She gained valuable winemaking experience working at several Napa Valley wineries, in addition to a stint in Australia. Julie's culinary background and passion for wine give her valuable insight, and her career as a professional chef gives her a unique edge. 


Sitting in his cubicle one day in 2007,  Brett realized that all he could expect to measurably accomplish in another decade of corporate confinement was a few more totally awesome PowerPoint presentations.  Not satisfied with this vision of the future, he left the corporate world to pursue his MBA.  Brett’s Masters in Beverage Appreciation consisted of compiling a small wine collection in his son’s closet; arguing that  dry rose is a great choice for beer drinkers; and discovering that not everyone likes the wines he likes no matter how crazy good they are.  In 2009 Kevin asked Brett to help him to launch 90+ Cellars. Since then, he spends most of his days, evenings and weekends tasting, selecting, selling and promoting the wines of 90+ Cellars. Brett has a bachelor’s degree in Government from Harvard University and has completed Boston University’s Wine Studies Program. He lives in Brookline with his lovely wife, two sons and Norma, the wine lovin' English Bulldog.